Sumatra Miner 2019

 “Improving Profitability, Efficiency and Competiveness

March 27 – 28, 2019, Palembang


The fluctuating price of mining is alarming not only for coal and mineral mining companies but also for supporting firms. It is the incentive we require in order to survive this downturn and provide more innovative products that will help the industry pursue cost efficient and sustainable strategies.

Many expect that 2019 would remain a tough year for the mining sector with the recent price downturn, particularly coal, largely instigated by changes in policies of Indonesia’s traditional markets –China and India –to cut import demand.

The absence of integrated coal logistic services for companies operating in Sumatra island also pose a serious problem to making coal and mineral commodities from Sumatra be competitive both in the domestic and export markets.

Although Sumatra is known for its abundant coal reserves, those reserves are under-exploited due to a lack of supporting infrastructures that allows coal be brought to market.

Sumatra also has huge resources of gold, silver and tin which face the same problem in infrastructure issues.

Sumatra Miner 2019 will examine the future of the mining industry, with a strong focus on coal and mineral extraction in Sumatra particularly and Indonesia generally.

The event will also look at plans to improve and provide better infrastructure in Sumatra to benefit the industry.

The ASIA Miner’s extensive knowledge of the region, experience and expertise in producing mining conferences, makes it the perfect host and partner for this new wave of industry growth in Sumatra.

Conference topic will include :

– Overview of Sumatra Mining and Current Operations
– Investment
– Innovative Technology : Operational Excellence
– Regulatory Environment
– Exploration
– Health and Safety
– Drilling and Blasting
– Mineral Processing